6 Common Leprosy Misconceptions Busted

Published On July 25, 2015 | By admin | Diseases

Leprosy is no more an issue

One individual continues to be identified with leprosy every two minutes so clearly this isn’t true. Leprosy continues to be an essential disease due to the disabilities it causes if left without treatment. If everybody who got leprosy began regular treatment then permanent disabilities could be unusual. Stigma connected using the disease does stop people coming forward for treatment.Fighting prejudices connected using the disease thus remains imperative as to conquer this ailment.


Leprosy isn’t curable

Lots of people incorrectly believe this. Leprosy is triggered with a bacteria. Leprosy is totally curable by killing the bacteria via a treatment known as multi-drug therapy featuring its a mix of three drugs. Leprosy is definitely given a minimum of two drugs, many people are given the 3. This really is to prevent drug resistance developing. This will be significant because you will find no alternative remedies for leprosy.Once you begin treatment to get rid of the leprosy leading to bacteria you’re very rapidly no more infectious.

Leprosy causes your fingers, toes and braches to decrease off

Leprosy doesn’t cause almost anything to disappear. It may however cause nerve damage in three primary parts of the body (face, hands and ft). This nerve damage implies that the physical (hot/cold/discomfort) and motor function (movement) are jeopardized during these areas. This might imply that you will not be able to blink, move your fingers or grasp objects.If an individual with this particular kind of physical/motor damage doesn’t take safeguards to safeguard themselves from injuries this may lead to visible penile deformation and disabilities. Simple injuries can result in stomach problems and infection. This may lead to shortening of numbers (not shedding off). Over time muscle wastage can lead to wrist or ankle becoming kept in place inside your capability to walk or perhaps perform fundamental tasks. Where nerves hard may take a hit, losing blinking function can result in blindness.

leprosy misconception

Leprosy only affects seniors

Leprosy can impact people of all ages. However it comes with a lengthy incubation period. Which means that frequently visible signs and symptoms only appear later in existence. However, as much as 44 percent of recent cases in certain areas, are children.

Leprosy is caused by past sins or immoral behavior

This may not be true. Leprosy is triggered with a bacteria known as M.leprae.

Somebody who has leprosy must be isolated

Once you begin treatment to get rid of the leprosy leading to bacteria you’re very rapidly no more infectious. There’s no requirement for somebody that is identified to become isolated.

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