The Lack of Collagen Is the Skin Enemy Number 1!

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Today, it is often possible to see young women with the signs of aging. The main cause of this phenomenon is malnutrition. It is very important to consume high-quality food. This is due to the fact that collagen fibers are formed with the participation of a whole group of amino acids that enter the body only with proteins. At the same time, consequences of collagen deficiency are negative. The lack of collagen immediately leaves its mark on your skin: it takes on a “crumpled”, sluggish and “sour” look. Chronic lack of amino acids, in addition to the skin, adversely affects the condition of the hair and nails (the hair is split and the nails are broken).

In addition to the lack of amino acids, healthy lifestyle and bad habits lead to the breakdown of collagen. Among them are: alcohol, excessive smoking, the negative effects of ultraviolet radiation, depression and stress, insufficient consumption of clean water, hormonal problems, a sharp weight loss. In addition, lack of moisture, as well as diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, negatively affects the condition of our skin.

What Types of Collagen Exist?

Today, collagen is extracted from various sources. It is on the origin of collagen that you need to pay attention when buying cosmetics. There are three types of collagen: animal, vegetable and marine. What kind of collagen is part of a particular product manufacturer must indicate on the label.

  • Animal collagen was first used in cosmetology. It is isolated from the skins of cattle. However, today it has been proved its harm and danger to human health, its use may cause the development of serious consequences.
  • Vegetable collagen is isolated from plant sources, usually wheat protein. Today is the most effective, safe, does not cause allergies. Its only drawback is the high price.
  • Marine collagen is made from the skin of fish and mollusks. Molecules of such collagen are close in their structure to human. Its effectiveness is also high, but it can cause allergic reactions.

How to get collagen? To fill the lack of collagen in tissues and slow down the aging process of the skin, a single application of cosmetic creams with its content in the composition is not enough. Capsules with collagen with anti-aging skin care formula will do this work much faster and more effective. This is due to the fact that you take them inside while creams remain on the skin and don't penetrate skin for 100%. Thanks to the capsules, the surface of the skin smoothes out and scars become less pronounced. In addition, pills stimulate the production of collagen in the cells, which speeds up the process of skin regeneration.

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